Essential Information

Below is a few info hopefully is likely to be helpful to anybody planning to visit Auroville. Please read it cautiously! :)

Visa Requirements

Should you are visiting Auroville from a different country, please seek advice from a Indian Embassy or Large Percentage what type of credit you’ll require.

Arrival Procedures
Whenever you get to your Auroville hotel you’ll have to finish an Appearance Type. This can entitle one to a Visitor Card letting you buy a selection of products and providers in locations in Auroville where money cost isn’t approved. Visitors wanting to consume locally-operate Solar Home might buy Dinner Deals in the Visitor Service.

Guest Info
Visitors who remain in Auroville in an individual home are necessary to pay Rs100 daily like a group factor. Should you remain in a listed Guesthouse nevertheless, this factor is likely to be contained in the hotel cost. With no Auroville consideration, you possibly can make your cost straight to the Monetary Support, where you’ll be released having a Visitor Card.

Guest Card and Visitor Account
Visitors staying several week might, utilizing their Visitor Card, start a Visitor Consideration in a Monetary Support workplace (in the Town-Hall or near Desire Neighborhood). Visitor Balances can be utilized at any Auroville restaurants as well as for many Auroville providers and actions.

Money isn’t approved along with a Visitor Consideration is needed at:
La Patio, the Solar Home, Le Morgan, Put Tous Snackbar, Put Tous, Kailash Center and also the Auroville Collection.