About This Site

We, a team of team and volunteers within the Auroville Visitor Support, produced this site to supply possible visitors having a easy, immediate method of taking a look at 40+ Auroville tasks, using the choice of actively playing them. We caused limited assets, no financing at-all, but a powerful determination to open and reveal the knowledge of existence in Auroville, and provide as numerous visitors as you can into energetic, vibrant connection with Auroville’s test in-human unity.

We provide our cheers, for several his aid, to Joe, who led his period, programming abilities, host and mild elegance to create this website a real possibility.

Special because of Rena, a Aurovilian, who visited locations, gathered scores of information and required several good pictures.

This site is just a starting. We wish it’ll encourage others and develop once we uncover new must be pleased.