The Auroville Guest Service, situated above the Solar Kitchen, provides guests and potential guests with the information and guidance essential for a better understanding of Auroville and how things work here.

Our Active Participation Program offers you the opportunity to meet Aurovilians and integrate yourself into the life of Auroville.  We hope, also, to offer a very basic introduction to local Tamil culture, language and traditions.  The program welcomes your active participation in terms of energy, skills and ideas.  Our intention, through all this, is that your experience of Auroville will be rich and fulfilling.

Please take a look at our Essential Information for answers to many of the initial questions you might have about accommodation, arrival formalities, etc.


•  Active Participation Program: Opportunities to get involved with Aurovilians and play an active role in the life of Auroville.

•  Consultation: We assist you with various aspects of your stay in Auroville.   We will refer you, where appropriate, to those better able to help you.

•  Communication Channel: The Guest Service takes your feedback about your experience of Auroville seriously. We will respond directly or pass on your feedback to those best able to give a good response.

•  Events, Classes, Workshops and Cultural Activities: Those activities which are open to guests are displayed on our noticeboard.

•  Learn about Auroville: We have a range of informative publications in our office for you to look at.

We welcome any constructive comments or suggestions that might help us to improve our service!